Monday, October 20, 2008

FIRST THINGS FIRST....A friend called the house while I was preparing for the reception. Said there is a yard sale on your road you might want to check it out. So I did...His lose is my shops gain. She wasn't selling all his stuff but she did say when she married him that he only had a twin bed. Yard Sale will be every weekend until it is gone.

On to the was at a wedding chapel at 2. Cake after and then on to the house to eat, sorta like a after party. Anyway, I was expecting them at 5. At 4 I was in the tub, they called and was 10 minutes away. I was going to start the rolls and corn at 5:30. Serve drinks from 5 to 6. Eat at 6. So it was a mad dash to finish, but it was all done, had to deal with a little wind, and my camera acted spastic. I will have more pic as soon as I get them from the a friend.

But look at the love in the bride and grooms face, it was worth it all.


JennV said...

Yay! Everything was coming together even when Mona and I were there and I just Knew it would be beautiful! I do hate that we didn't go by the yard sale. I'm glad that you got the pic! Was Great seeing you the other day!


jennifer said...

I can tell it was gorgeous. The lanterns look great! And she was such a beautiful bride!