Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thrift Store

I don't always find items at the Thrift Store I can put in the shop. More often than none, I find items for me, or the house. When the tornado came through our state in April, we had planned a brunch at church.

We was determined to have this brunch even though there was no power at the church.

I gather candles, opened blinds and tried to come up with a way to take HOT coffee for the ones that still did not have power.

I thought if I had one of these carafe for hot coffee, I could give the people that had been without power for Days, a little coffee. Hot Coffee.

But I could not find one.

But now thanks to our Goodwill, I have one.

And I also found this over night bag.

Both still have the tags.

I love the thrift store.

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