Tuesday, August 16, 2011

There is a new show on these days called


Have you see it?

Tuesday @ 9 on Lifetime

I have a few things to say about it so grab a chair and have a seat.


Really, do you really think these girls will pick through all the spider webs and dirty, nasty things you need to, to get to the good stuff.


But they wont have to, cause they have someone who will do it for them...

Boy, are they missing out, if indeed they are true pickers.


And I have to try and explain to hubby what I have in mind and this is the hardest part.

We don't see eye to eye.

Most of the time I can't relay to him the vision, I have.

This is very hard!!!


I do love the vision the girls have ( or the producers) and the re pour they have with their handyman.

And I love his work.

I also love that he has it ready in less than a hour.

T.V Time, gotta love it!

So I will tune in again,

and maybe try to get hubby to watch,

maybe it will help him, if nothing else.

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