Monday, September 05, 2011

I never have been this bad at taking pictures before in my life. I took only 20, and 10 was of the baby with uncle Terry.

The wedding was great!

Moving and beautiful.

I took a few pictures from the dance floor.

That is Kindra and Jon is the one in the back with a cowboy hat.

Her maid of Honor, Pam in the orange.

All the attendants wore this sun dress with cowboy boots.

I stepped out and took this picture. This is the barn that held the band, and cakes. On the left side of the barn was the dinner. Can't wait to see the pics from the pros.

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jennifer said...

Jerri, it looks wonderful! I love that you took so many pictures of Terry holding the baby - shows what is in your heart :) Send Kindra and Jon my congratulations and wishes for a long happy life together.