Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I run into Nanny and Paw Paw's room, screaming...slam the door and set down in the corner.
I think he thinks no one hears him and no one will come after him.
He does this when he eats deodorant or lotion or hair product
or shampoo or any other kind of beauty products.
I have no idea why he eats these items, he is a healthy almost 3 year old.
He eats real food, and  drinks soy milk.
But hides to eat these items.
Last week, I was baby sitting and he crawled up in the chair with a blanket, while I was making fried apple pies. After awhile I ask him if he wanted a snack.
So I gave him a little bowl of popcorn and kissed his forehead, checking for a temp. He was tooo still.
Little did I know he had hair gel under that blanket and was spraying it on his hand and licking it off.
I just happened to see him with his hand in his mouth,
I knew what he was up to then.

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