Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Please check out my friends blog and her new piece of art.


She designs her art with recycled paper and gameboards. She always has a story to go along with her art. This is a new piece and I saw it first hand this afternoon. It is called Mama said... The biggest piece says mama said eat your peas. I love this one cause I was the only one sitting at the table hours later, because I never ate my peas. I spit them in my milk, and they made me drink my milk...YUCK! I hid them in my pocket, in my napkin, and in my closed fist. It never worked. And I still to this day don't like peas. So she is asking for your mama stories, your mama ism. Just check out her blog and leave your comment. And check her out on facebook too. I believe I can talk her into having a comment drawing for a free piece of art. So leave her some good ones and knock her off her block.....lol


jennifer said...

Oh Jerri, I hate peas too! My mother was the same way - sit there until you finish them young lady!


I will go check out the link. I love the piece that you featured on this post.

Marian Baker said...

good post, Jerri... I'm sure we will get get some good post on this!!! I'll give the winner... a free 10" x 10" with the winning Mama saying!!!