Saturday, April 16, 2011

I always try and find paper works from auction and estate sales. You could say I am nosey or I love to read what was written before. Hand written. I have letters from my relatives that has passed. I always ask for something that is written by their own hand. When my aunt Inez passed a few years ago my aunt Ann gave me a letter that their sister Emily had written to Inez in the 50's. It was a treasure since I never met Emily, she died before I was born. I treasure these letters, written by their own hands. They sat and put thought into each word. It was the only way to communicate. Phone calls were rare, letters and the written word was a way to keep family and friend close. Why did Inez keep that letter? She had it for over 50 years. Because it meant something to her, a sister that had went on before her.

A memory. So today I am sharing this autograph book I found at an estate sale a few weeks ago. I will continue to buy these items, when I can find them, because eventually they will be osculate.

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