Sunday, April 17, 2011

It is Spring and I got a itch. I am ready and dying to go junkin. I need a road trip. Hit the back roads and hunt for antique/junk shops. I love it! Now all I need is time. But with spring comes alot of events. Hubby gets really busy in spring. And every spring I get the itch. We visited Gardendale Flea Mall last weekend, but it didn't do it. I need a weekend.

We both enjoy junkin and the time alone.

We rarely find great deals but we are together and love the hunt. We enjoy just riding. I guess I can say we enjoy each other company. For a few days anyway.

So dear hubby, just a few words of advise....

When Mama aint happy, no one is happy.

Take me some where or you will have to deal with my wrath. LOL


Marian Baker said...

Where are these photos from???

Jerri junque said...

The Photos are from different blog I haunt....Texas was one place...When I run across the blog again, I will sent you a link...I want to go there though...You in?