Wednesday, April 06, 2011

* Medical Update*

All is well, everyone went back to work and school.

Boy, that was a bad virus.

5 to 7 days of bathroom time.



Over the weekend I ask Dear Daughter where was

the jar with the hotel soap. I need to add to it.

She commented that I was a hoarder.

I don't think I am a hoarder. I put things in jars cause I like the look.

I like jars!

I started collecting buttons and they are usually found at estate sales in jars.

I love red and so alot of my jars have red lids.

The blue Bottles, remind me of the ocean.

I have even started adding jars into the pantry.

Okay, maybe keeping hotel soap is alittle strange. But what do you put in jars? Is it strange or odd. Post a comment and let us know.


bccrumb said...

hey you are a hoarder,but so am i . i love jars i have them ever where .buttons are ok but jars are great .there is nothing wrong with being a hoarder if its not nasty. my jars are clean .haha said...

Jars? Who has jars? Oh...yeah, ME. I put everything in them. Jars have helped to solve some of my storage problems. My jars are not nasty, and I use the things that are stored in them all the time. I don't save hotel soaps any more, I found that we didn't use them. I even have jars in my bathroom that YD labeled for me. Brown with yellow labels. I love (when some people translate, it means hoard) JARS. I'm not anonymous anymore. said...

I have not bought soap and shampoo for years. I save all the hotel soap and shampoo and use it. I love it and it last a long time. I take a plastic bag with me and bring it home..

Saves us a lot of money.
My family that travels saves theirs for me also. I have a big garbage can full in the closet.

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