Thursday, March 31, 2011

Good Morning

Join me and we will stroll through the shop.

Isn't this blue color a happy color?

I see it all over.

And birds and nesting have hit a all time high.

Check out the department shops.

And then come by and check us out.

We have over 15 vendors and they all have

a different personality.

And a different junkin style.

So we have something for everyone.

What color do you dream in?

Once again


just a different shade.


This bed room was painted many years ago.

She was way before her time....

And last but not least I have a new vendor.

Two sisters

One paints and restores furniture and creates wonderful floral wreaths and arrangements.

The other sister sews.

She has the most beautiful tote bags/ purses, pin cushions, stuffed bunny's and amazing needlework.

Enjoy your day!

1 comment: said...

I got the patterns for these birds.. That is what I wanted that tree Barbara had in her booth for to put a ton of these fabric birds on. OH WELL MISSED ANOTHER GOOD DEAL AT DRY CREEK ANTIQUES.