Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It was a great one.
The lady was a collector of everything.
I over heard people talking about her going to sales and Thrift stores often.
I went back on Saturday afternoon and got more. Not big expensive stuff, but things I like.
It seems she liked Christmas, and I got many boxes of ornaments and more Santa's too.

I intend to sell the pins, one day. But for now I took them home. Much much more to come. I over heard, there will be another sale in May, seems this is just the surface of her goodies. Does this mean she was a Horder? It was all clean and neat. Is this me in years to come. I tend to take alot home and pack it away for that one day. One day I will redecorate this room and use it...One day I will wear this pin....One day I can sell this after I enjoy it awhile....One day......


jennifer said...

I LOVE estate sales, even though in a way they are pretty sad. One day I will have to do that with my parents home. One day my kids will have to do it with mine. "One day" indeed. But Oh! it is fun collecting things now :) said...

I want to see the pins before you put them out for sale!! LOL I am sounding like you seeing stuff firsthand.

I AM A PIN FREAK.. I love them. I have some really old ones.