Thursday, November 11, 2010

Did you enjoy the sunset last night. We call it "SKY BLUE PINK". ( the grandsons and I) But before I realized I had my camera and found a place to pull off and get a picture, it was almost gone. But it was beautiful. I had been grumbling about the fact that it is almost dark when I start home in the afternoons and God showed me the most delightful sunset to enjoy.


jennifer said...

We were coming across the bay last night from Mobile. The pink sunset was behind us so I kept looking at it through my rearview mirror.

Love ya Jerri!

Mike Golch said...

Jennifer said to come say happy belated Birthday to you.

JennV said...

I slept right through the beautiful sunset! Hopefully I'll be able to catch it tonight since I'm off. I'm sure it won't be nearly that pretty though!