Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday
Crafty Friday
Need a book to jot down all those sizes and
your list of what you bought on Black
I make one each year, and it is a great keepsake.
Start off with a book, think outside the box.
I found this old saving book at a Antique store, a few years ago.

So you gut it and cover with paper. Inside and out.
Round your corners, where they need it and score your paper. Remember, don't put glue on the spine.

I scored my paper so it would fold up and added it with ribbon, instead of brads. Decorate it and you are ready to add your names and sizes.

Sorry for the side way pic. But this is my finished product for this year.
Have a safe and wonderful weekend and slow down and enjoy the season.


JennV said...

Oooh Pretty! We always make Christmas lists! I so Need to do something like this instead of having several sheets of paper with different notes jotted down on them. said...

We need a glass at Dry Creek on this.

I love it.