Monday, November 30, 2009

Over at Chris's blog she ask this question.

Dinner party for 10
You can invite anyone that has ever existed.
So God would have to be there, he wouldn't have to speak.
Just being in his presence would make me speechless.
Abraham Lincoln, and Malik.( my grandson)
He reads all he can on dear oh Abe, so he would enjoy meeting him.
My paw paw, Matt Wells. cause I miss him, so much.
My mother, she is still alive but I am sure she would love to see her
after 30 years.
My husband, is my rock. So I would like for him to be there to keep me
from making a
fool of myself.
And since Terry will be there for me. I would have to invite his dad.
He died 18 years ago.
And Jessica, my daughter loved her paw paw, so she would have
to be there to get a hug.
So that is 8...I have 2 more...
This is really hard.
And I am going to ask that Michael, a class mate
join us.
I do miss him.
Sorry I lost touch, when I should have been there.
And I would invite
Jesus to answer all my questions.
And it wouldn't really matter what we had to eat,
cause I am sure no one would be eating.

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