Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Frosty had a black top hat but the Snowman today should have a little glitter. So here it is.....we made the tree star at the Jubilee Sunday. Just use the green bottle brush trees and but them in bleach and water. for just a few minutes...rinse and dry. Wha la ....white trees. Now just a lot of hot glue to get them into a star you like.....A lot of glue. And fan fold a few strips of paper and add a old Christmas ball or bead. and Yes. the hat is made from a Oatmeal box. So start eating...Oatmeal cookies, or add a little into the meatloaf... you will have a empty box in no time. Happy Monday!

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jennifer said...

Oh shoot! That is gorgeous!! The photo of your bottle tree is wonderful but so much prettier in person.