Thursday, August 06, 2009

Yard Sale Update
(from the road)
Today was a good day.
As in years past, there is a common item.
This year I started buying white ironstone.
I got a large bowl, a platter and a smaller pitcher.
They have the old stains that I love and so I knew they were the next booth for the shop.
I also got some old spools with white and off white thread.
Now tomorrow, I need to find a jar to display the thread.
Oh, and Linda ask me to try and find old pie plates for a family dinner she has planned.
I found her two, today. Only 18 more to find.
A few other treasures that you will have to wait and see after I get home, forgot the camera connections.
Oh and did I tell you how HOT it was today!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, my goodness, it was hot!
But we wouldn't have missed it!

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