Monday, August 17, 2009

Got my camera out yesterday, it was such a pretty day.Grandson #1 is so handsome
He has had a camera in his face all his life and is easy.
I just tell him what I want and he does it.
Grandson #2 is another story and also hyper and 4.

But I love this cheesy smile.

#3 looks like he has a bad toupee.
But no ladies it is all his hair.
He is 5 months old and is pushing backward in the walker.

Look at those big eyes.
My three grandsons
Fart, poot and toot.
All boy . All the time.


Jeanette said...

Ok, that hair made me laugh out loud! Precious boys!!

JennV said...

I just can't get over those boys! They are the most handsome three boys I've ever seen!

jennifer said...

THEY ARE GORGEOUS!!! You have three handsome grandsons. I love that #1 is wearing his hair longer. Man he is a good looking kid!

jennifer said...

I showed Bryan the picture of your boys. He said #1 has GROWN! And he chuckled over the baby - those eyes and that hair ... AW! And we can see #2's personality in his grin.

Anyway, wanted to let you know I was showing off your family!