Thursday, August 27, 2009

I know...I know...It has been a week since I have posted.
My aunt was ill and passed away.
She was 82 years young.
We called her Toot's.
To me, she was the first Martha.
Before Martha was even born my aunt was making her own crackers,
gardening and raising chickens to feed her family.
On Halloween she would pick the best looking leaves to pin to the curtains and table for decoration.
Toots and my uncle Dan would save the toys ( all year) from cereal to give along with homemade candies to the trick or treats.
She changed out her curtains with the seasons and ironed and starched her linens.
And when she thought of us she would sit down and send us a card and taped to the inside cover was a happy thought.
She would clip them out of magazines and news papers and save them, until she needed them.
She was a good, strong woman.
I will miss her.

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jennifer said...

I'm so sorry! {{{Hugs}}}