Friday, February 06, 2009

Let me tell you like it is....

The building I rent, for my shop was a Pharmacy for years and years.
But upstairs is the Masonic lodge.
There are bars on the windows, because it was a drug store.

The Drug store moved out and the building was empty for over a year.

I moved in 3 years ago.

As you see the sign is still here, it belongs to the Masonic lodge.
But... and this is a big BUT!
I have people daily coming in looking for the pharmacy. Young and old.
Some sit in their car and wait until I open at ten, follow me in and hand me their prescription.
So I smile, say No I am sorry the Pharmacy moved and is now located beside Dollar General on 79 Hwy. ( everyone knows where Dollar General is located)
They smile, drop their head and apologize as they tuck their tail and leave. I try to tell some people that it happens all the time. They just couldn't know how many. I sometimes wish I had kept a tally, just a tick mark on the calendar of the hundred of people that is looking for the pharmacy.

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jennifer said...

Ha! The days that I worked for you there was ALWAYS someone looking for the pharmacy. I felt bad for them because I was so bad at giving directions LOL! No telling where they wound up after they left the store.