Monday, February 16, 2009

It's all in the name

My parents wanted to start their family and tried for 5 years.

Mother was sick at her tummy and just knew she was pregnant. The old doctor, knew mom and daddy wanted to have a baby so bad and had been trying for awhile, and he thought they were trying too hard. So he told her to go home and tell Jerry, (My daddy) that you are having a baby. So she did and they ....

lets just say celebrated.

And I was born 12 months later.

Yes, I said 12 months. Mother said it is on my records.

So there they were at the hospital, and mother had a name picked out.

Dodie Ann Doty
First and last name although spelled different they sound the same.

Do you remember this little girl?
On the T.V show, MY THREE SONS.
Well, mother thought this would be cute to have the same first and last name.
What kinda drugs was she on you ask?
I wish I knew.
I think it was my grandmother that talked her out of it. And her reasoning was that it took so long to conceived me that you might not have another, so name her after her father.
Thank you Grandmother!

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Casii said...

Awww, yes, thank goodness for Grandmother!
Now where was my grandmother when my mom was filling out my birth certificate with something she thought was 'glamorous'. Casii, mispelled and mispronounced for all eternity. It's why I'll be cremated; they can't mess up the headstone then! :)