Wednesday, February 04, 2009

January and February can be a lonely time at the shop. Antiques are not at the top of any ones must have list. And with the hard times we have seen in the last month or so, I do understand. It does give me time to create without being interrupted. And time to come up with unique ways to generate customer to our shop. I was reading a book the other day and found a unique way to have a "Ladies Night Out". So let's just say the wheels stated turning and spinning and I have come up with a fun evening. It is called a "Ironing Board Smorgasbord". Each booth will decorate a ironing board, along with a sale, and serve a snack. The event will be March 9th, starting at 6. An after hours event. I have been creating unique items to sale, we are holding back items to display at the event. So it should be a must see. So mark your calendar and I will see you there.


Star's Fault said...

Hi Jerrie ~ Stopping by to say "Howdy" from your link on Year of Color blog.

I know what you mean about things quiet the couple months after Christmas, but I'm still haunting my local collectibles/antiques shops. I just love a long browse, and I like to find things I can re-purpose, rather than buy new. Your Ladies Night Out sounds fun.

Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault

jennifer said...

You are the most creative person that I know! Is that a weekend?? Let me know the details and I will try to participate.