Monday, August 11, 2008

As promised, a few pictures of our "World's longest Yard Sale" Treasures.
The first picture is a Chinese sugar mold, I saw a pencil holder, they had candles in it. Look outside the box. Milk caps will be used for a Christmas project. Old Victorian album that is falling apart, well, it will used to create something. The old camping toaster is a candle holder. Old black and white wedding are one of my favorites. I am saving a few items until I get them set up and displayed. Stayed tuned.


best penny stock said...

what happened to the other one?

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Nice blog. Thats all.

JennV said...

And it was Well Worth the Wait! I'm Loving the Camp Toaster! I had no idea till I saw the description! LOL! I wanna see how you're gonna put a candle on/in that thing now. LOL! Glad you had a good time!


jennifer said...

Love the red and white cake plate. Did it make it to the shop or are you going to keep it?

Something else.....

Can't remember. I'll look at the pics when I click back over.

I read the comments to D. I appreciate your support. Send mine to Grandson #1 - he rocks, he KNOWS that he rocks, and it doesn't matter WHAT any of those Yahoos at school say.

By the way, I told D. what you said about G #1 and that seemed to make him feel better too, like he wasn't the only one. You know D. looks up to M.

Love you and can't wait to see you.


jennifer said...

OH. The black and white wedding picture. If you are starting a collection I have one or two that you can have. Let me know!

And how do you keep lucking into these WONDERFUL Victorian photo albums? You will make some pretties out of that FOR SURE!!