Friday, August 15, 2008

We are back into the swing of things, school started last week. DD is working 7 on and 7 off right now, so I am only on school duty every 7 days. Getting to the school bus on time, trying to come up with something for grandson #1 to eat, He is a picky eater, did you brush your teeth, where is your back pack. Does everyone go through this? And all the while getting a 3 year ready for daycare and myself ready for work. It has been a busy week and I sat down with grandson #1 last night to ask how his day was. It was 8:30, I was cooking him noodles for supper, ( football practice was till 8, and he won't eat before, ) he was coloring a map of the united states. I asked him about school, his eyes lit up and he started telling me in the 5th grade you had more of a selection at lunch. And the chocolate milk was bigger and colder. He had 4 chocolate milks yesterday. FOUR! yeah, the lunch lady wouldn't let me have more than 2 so I got Josh to get me two more. And Sara got me 2 and I put them in my cooler for snack. That made SIX! So by this I know it was a good day! If you are ever down and need a pick me up, just have some chocolate milk, maybe you should stop with one though.


JennV said...

Oh to be able to measure happiness in boxes of chocolate milk! I'm soo glad that he's liking school life! Hmmmm.... Can I add a little Kaluha into mine???


jennifer said...

OK, your comment on my blog makes me think that YOU think that I am giving you the silent treatment. ACK! Are you getting my emails? I'm all freaked out now cause I sent something to Dawn and she didn't get it.

Check your SPAM filter and make sure, OK? I can't email Carol or Valarie at their home accounts because of the type of account it is. :( I get an error message when I send something. But if I can't talk to you to through the email? OMGOSH! That won't do Jerri. I forsee a trip to the Geek Squad at Bestbuy for help.

The last three emails that I sent were Splooters, The week from heck, and follow up to week from heck.

Let me know!!!

And 6 chocolate milks sounds like the PERFECT help me through the day solution. Shoot. Right now if that would help D, I would pack him a chocalate milk 6-pack everyday myself!!

Love you Jerri!

Let me know if you are getting my messages!