Sunday, August 24, 2008

Oh my goodness, I had a ball this weekend. Spent Friday night at Mania, scrapbooking. We had make and takes with these gals,
We had a make and take with Cheryl
And the classes was great. Cheryl was outstanding . Alot to create in one day but I am back in the swing and my creative juices are flowing, so look out. I have so many ideas and I am ready to create.
The best fun was seeing all my gal pals. It has been 7 months since I saw Bestest friend, Jeanette. And it was so good to see Barbara , Donna , Janet, India, Queen Nonna and Terri. And I met new scrappin buddies. Oh, what a weekend.
The fellowship with my scrappin buddies is what I needed, girl time.


Bette said...

I'm hooked on seeing the pretty things that others create. Guess I'll never know my talents unless I give 'em a test drive! Thanks for sharing!

jennifer said...

It sounds wonderful.

*sigh* girl time. Grown up time. Familiar faces. I am glad you don't take it for granted.


Dianna said...

How fun*!*