Friday, September 21, 2007

Need a good book
I love this weather, I caught myself looking through the same 2 magazines yesterday because they had fall decorations. I want a pot of mums, corn stalks , dried sunflower and pumpkins. I had the door open at the shop yesterday and the air conditioner too. (I am not crazy) Trying to catch alittle of the fall breeze, smell of pumpkin pies cooking and the crunching of the leaves underfoot. I have the bug, the fall bug. I even pulled out a few candles, pumpkin spice. But along with fall comes cool relaxing days with a good book. I need one. I realized it has been several months, maybe even 4 or 5 since I read a book. I use to always have a summer read, for vacation. A romantic novel, written at the beach. I choose my reading material around my activities. Do you? Well, my question to you is...What books have you read lately? I would love a few suggestions.

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