Monday, September 03, 2007

Days Gone By

Do you remember watching the telethons?

Watching the children and adults that was brought on to share their story.

The way families would sit for hours watching and not wanting to miss each tote board tally.

It was, in our family, a family event. We sat in our living room

watching every minute. The whole family watched.

We didn't contribute every year, but we watched and cheered for each and every penny that was given.

Children that went door to door, or had lemonade stands to raise money for Jerry's kids.

THEN, we had time, time to sit as a family and watch.

Time to go door to door, time to have a lemonade stand.

Today I am going to watch, if only for awhile to Jerry's Kids.

So take the time, on this Labor Day to Celebrate with Jerry.

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