Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Offical Buzz is.......

I lead a rather boring life and no exciting news to post. I have been rather busy at the shop the last few weeks, it is tax refund time. We tend to do well at this time of the year, extra $ to spend on the wants. I have been working on a project also. It is a book for my grandsons. The book is titled " Nanny's Recommendations & Instructions for your life". It has been a rather fun book to work on and is still not completed but close. I have so enjoyed the weather, and prob open my door as often as I can. I still have a problem getting up in the dark. I planted a few items one day this week, in tea cups and jugs at the shop. I sold quite a few of them yesterday. These are items that will not sell on their own but with a flower in them, sell well, and make the front of the store look good. Hubby was off on Monday and we spent the day together. It is nice to have him all to myself every once in awhile. We shopped and I got my laptop. Yeah! Now I have a new item to play with, and eventually will get a program for the shop . Going out on a date tonight, well a double date, but a date. Going to the comedy club to see James Gregory. I really have enjoyed him in the past. I hope he is wired tonight, I need a good laugh. Well, off to work. Have a wonderful weekend.


Jeanette said...

Don't forget, we're celebrating 23 years together for Bobby & I tonight! Can't wait, see you then!

LOOOOOOOOOOVE the book!!!!!!!!!!


JennV said...

I Love the idea of this book! Can't wait to see the actual thing!
Hope James Gregory didn't dissappoint!

Happy Anniversary to Jeanette and Bobby! Woo Hoo!