Monday, August 14, 2006

Yeah!!!! I have arrived! I have been added to someone's blog as a " blogs i read" . But I am such a computer dummy that I don't know how to do this. So I will have to tell you who I look at each and every morning. To tell you the truth I am hooked, I must confess. I love the blogs, i have 35 on my favorites. But I will only list my top 10 : Ali Edwards is my favorite, i have enjoyed her adventure in her travels. Jennie Bowlin and Teresa McFayden love their style, and Elsie Flannigan she is just so young and free, and Pam Garrison funky, altered artist, and The Brocante Home Chronicles , she just has a 50's site, and Renee Haglar an Alabama girl re-located to Atlanta, and Shabby Princess, not her site but her list of "blogs i read" , and Hedi have to check up on baby updates, and Freestyle the Blog cause this is my style. These are my top 10 blogs. How many do you check out and how often?

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