Tuesday, August 15, 2006

As a child my daddy would say on Sunday night "Back to the salt mines tomorrow". I don't know why I thought of this but many years ago I had this vision in my mind. Daddy being trucked deep into a dark, cold mine, to a salt mine. I was so glad to see him coming home. When Mother would say it is almost time for your Daddy, I would get my chair and wait by the fence, for him to come home. Mother would always bath and change our clothes for daddy to come home. Then after dinner we would go into the fenced in front yard and along with all the neighborhood children and play kick ball. Oh, childhood memories, I wish I had pictures of this. And by the way Daddy never worked in the salt mines, not in the mines at all. He worked at A.R.A, which was a vending company. One day he opened up his van type truck and let all the neighborhood children get a piece of candy. And believe me he started something. At least once a week we got a piece of candy.

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