Sunday, August 27, 2006

I contacted 20 scrapbooking companies asking for donation for the Retreat in October, this morning. And we will see if they send anything. I am getting nervous about it. It is my idea, my baby. I just hope I can fill up all the spaces. If you could hear a testimonial from a child that has been treated at the hospital, you would sign up today. I always enjoy hearing their story. It always brings chills up and down, and the tears flow too. I went to our meeting today,the hospital had ask for a camera and printer for scrapbooking last month. I had planned on putting out a jar, at the crop for donation. I was told today, one of our ladies had come forward with $ to buy the camera and printer. These are the women I am proud to say are my friends. We work hard all year, every year. In our own "Daughters of the Nile" and helping our husbands in the Shriners fund raising, to see that these children get everything they need. Want you help too ?
*On a side note- a friend came by the shop yesterday. We talked , we laughed, we talked some more. Thanks, Jenn - I needed some girl talk.


JennV said...

That's Fantastic!!! I'll definitely be hunting some bargains to toss into the goody box to go to the kids for the retreat. I had a wonderful day hanging out with you and meandering around the shop just looking! You are a great friend and wonderful gal to boot. :o)

rhonda said...

where the heck is cleveland, AL?!
I have a TON of paper (club scrap, bazzill, KI)...some of it is scraps...other is full size sheets.
I am in Hoover/Pelham area. Let me know if you ever come down this way & you can have it all.
I clean sweeped my scrap area the other week...and there are a few embellishments too ( a bunch...never opened!)