Sunday, August 27, 2006

I contacted 20 different scrapbook companies this morning by e-mail , requesting donations for the October Crop/ Retreat. I hope a few will donate. I am getting excited, and a little scared too. This was my idea, my baby. And I hope I can fill up the house. I feel strongly about a lot of things , scrapbooking is my passion and helping these children is my honor. If you could just hear a testimonial from one of these children. I sit an listen and chill bumps run up and down my body. They go through so much, burns, limbs that do not work , poor little bodies that endure pain like most of us could not bare. How on gods green earth can anyone not feel joy in helping them.
on a different note : Had a wonderful surprise yesterday. A good friend ( Jenn) came by the shop and we had the nicest visit. We talked for hours, I needed some girl talk.

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