Monday, July 24, 2006

Warning: Rambling Post
Well, my weekend was uneventful. Worked on Saturday, afternoon nap, through a storm, hubby home, cooked dinner, went to bed. Sunday watched movie, finished class pages, washed clothes, grilled , grandson #1 over for a visit, just stayed home. I have enjoyed catching up on all the many blogs I read, about CHA. There is a lot of things I am looking forward in collecting. This seems to be the norm lately. I have a box and basket full of goodies, I have collected. Don't seem to have any inspiration to work. Went to crop on Friday night, completed nothing. Worked on 4 pages but did not complete any of them. Have class tonight , page is complete. Have an appointment with eye doctor today too. Head aches have been really bad the last two weeks. More and more, almost everyday I wake up hurting. But ( in a Arnold's Kindergarten cop voice) it is not a tumor! Hubby didn't laugh either.
The storm I napped through on Saturday produced some strong winds, that blew down two trees in my yard. They were both wild crab apple trees, and no big lose. But a pain to clean up, hope hubby does it while I am at class tonight.

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