Saturday, July 08, 2006

Good Morning Sunshine! Yep it is early. I was wide awake a 5 a.m It seems that as of late I am a early bird. I am not sure how I feel about this since my hubby is a night person. By 10 p.m I am ready to slow down, put on my gown, and curl into my bed. I always set the timer on the Tellie, but I never see over 15 minutes . Hubby on the other hand can stay up all night and sleep till 10 on the weekends, that is if I let him. There is always amillion and one things that "NEED" to be done. This morning I am off to a Estate sale first thing, work till 2 and then auction tonight. I need to pick up a few pieces of nice furniture. When I opened the shop, it was 75% of my stuff. But now I don't have time to go buy anything. So I have just alittle bit. I need need need more stuff. And I have had to start a list of people wanting a booth. There is none available. We are packed to the rim. I love it. Not getting alot of scrapping done the last few weeks but there will be time. I have brought one of my scrapbooks to the shop and put a note on it saying " if you are interested in creating a scrapbook like this one , classes will start in August. Yes, I have decided to have a few classes. I have had 4 people ask and leave their address, in about a week. Not too bad. I have already created a 1 page for my first class. It will be the last of August but I am excited already. And if this does not go well, I will buy more stuff..... We all need more stuff!

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