Sunday, July 16, 2006

Vacation Review
Well, it was a great trip but I am worn out. My hubby thinks, vacation is a time to go, go , go, go and do things. We would leave the room by 9 and not come back until 9 or so. There was no leisure time. He wanted to be on the go all the time. Even when we went to the beach, he wanted to walk, I wanted to sit and watch the ocean. We took a sight seeing tour, which was great and informative. And explained how to get around. Parking was a nightmare, food was good, hot and muggy, smelled after a rain, and I did not get to see Paula Dean. But we ate at the Lady and Son's. Good southern cooking. Ate a Yummy sweet potato dessert.
I enjoyed the Shrimp Factory, had stuffed shrimp. Yummy! No room for Dessert. But got pecan parlines for later. Hubby was great, found the only 2 scrapbooking stores in Savannah. Got new stuff. Yeah! Went junkin' and got new stuff.
Got idea for future scrapbooking class. (Hint) I loved looking at the details of all the wonderful houses. ( look up)
Now I am looking forward to my fall vacation, to the beach.

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