Monday, May 15, 2006

I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend, Mother's Day and all. I decided to keep the grandsons and ask my mother and mother in law over to grill . Along with them was a clan of 13 others. I did not stress, I played with the boys all mornin g. I had prepared before hand, Hubby grilled and I had even prepared the homemade Strawberry ice cream before hand. Speaking of Berries, I do believe we are into our last week of the picking. I do know they will not pick for you as of today. There is just not enough to pay to have them picked. It is sad but we have had such bad luck with the weather this year that they are just going to break even this year. The un-seasonable cool weather has been great but not for the farmers. Well, class tonight. I am looking forward to seeing all my buddies. And catching up. Have a wonderful week my friends.

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