Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Happy Tuesday! This is first day of my work week , I am coming off my weekend. The shop is closed on Sunday and Mondays. So I do not want to get up and get going this morning. There is not alot I will need to do when I get there but, I still have to be there. I have a new booth moving in today and I am looking forward to seeing her treasures.
Well, as Vacation time approaches, we are at a dilemma on where we want to go. Last year , we went to Atlanta for a one day trip. So not much of a vacation, actually it has been two years since we had a real vacation. I want to go away for a month but Hubby says I can only have 9 days.

So where would you go? I love the beach but "Hubby" will go but prefers the Mountains. We have so done that. But seeing the ocean is different. Always changing and I love the smell,sound and feel of the beach. I would live there if it was possible. I would love to have the ocean as a view from my studio. And if I wanted to go out for a stroll on the beach or if I needed shells for a project, they would be there. All at my finger tips. Back to reality.....

Anyway, I am trying to come up with somewhere else that we both could enjoy. Any Suggestions? It seems so foolish to go on a road trip with gas as high as it is but I think we deserve a get away. We both have worked hard this year and need this. And I need new vacation picture to scrap. Have a nice day.

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