Saturday, May 13, 2006

I am a silly ,starstruck, caught in the hipe, girl.
Well, we had celebrities in Locust Fork yesterday. Yes, the sexist fat boys, the silver tongued ones, Shakespeare worst nightmare. The dueo of Rick and Bubba. Promoting their book- the expert guide of god country and anything else they could think of. Number one I enjoy them because they make me laugh, Number 2, they are Christians and they show it. Number 3, I have listened to them sooo long that they seem like family. Yes, I was there, Yes I bought a book, Yes I had all 4 sign it, and Yes I forgot my camera. AmI not a gobber? But as I walked up a friend was there and took picture of us and promised me some. We were standing outside talking and Rick and Bubba drove up walked up to us and just started talking, as they do best. I was star struck. My brother is not a fan, and kids me about being one. So before I went to see them I called him, left a message that said, I know you are standing in line waiting to see R&B, so save me a place in line , I will be right there.
Have a good Saturday!

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