Sunday, January 08, 2006

Just had to post this: Grandson #1 will soon be 8, in 40 days. So he is already thinking about what kind of party he is going to have and the present he wants. Well, for Years he has wanted to go to Chucky Cheese for his birthday and I told him that it had burnt down. He was young and he believed me. I would rather have 25 screaming children at my house than go to" yucky cheese". Well, last week his mother drove by and he saw that it had not burnt down. He did not say a word about it until today. He has ask for a 4-wheeler for his birthday. I told him it was too expensive and what made him think he was getting a 4 -wheeler. He said " Because you love me and you lied about Chucky Cheese". So what is a Nanny to do?
Any advice......Anyone......Anyone.........Guess I better check on the price of 4-wheelers.

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