Saturday, January 28, 2006

It is the weekend!!!! Yeah!!!! I have no plans for tomorrow, so I hope I will have time to scrapbook a little. It is soooo exciting. I have taken some things to the store to work on and I still have not completed any. I , once again promised to donate a few things to our Silent Auction Feb. 11th. One scrapbook , maybe 2, a recipe box or book, and a bucket I had sorta scraplifted off of another blog. ( I thought it was such a good idea) And I have had no time what so ever to complete them. I decided to do a recipe box ( metal lunch box) , I have the inserts 1/2 way done, I have 2 scrapbooks started- Christmas one and a Baby girl. The girl one needs 2 pages and the Christmas needs about 8. Time Time Time it is so fast at times. I work best under pressure , so lets see if I can make my deadline. This is Shabby Miss Jenn bucket and when I get my done I will have a picture to post. But is it not shabby- lish.

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