Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Weekend mindset

Saturday- ran to B'ham
practice at 9am
back to shop
went and looked at fridge
for DD, used.
Hauled it to house,
She has plans, needs to go
.when will u be finished dad
Ungrateful Child.
I am done

It was a wonderful Sunday-
I am now Badoura in Daughters of the Nile
Temple 163
In 4 years I will be Queen.
I was on a high.
and then........
the REAL world called.
Fridge not working
Not cooling.
Hub and DD wants me to call and ask if we can return.
Never again.
I am done.
Give me a day.

Monday was  a relaxing day.
Slow steady rain, stay home kinda day.
Till the hubby came in and started to pay
taxes for the shop and HE forgot to pay
last month. If I was paying him, to do this.
I would have screamed and fired him.
This will cost me 150.00 extra dollars.
This weekend did not go my way.

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