Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Emotional few weeks for me.
Still can't believe I will not be able to pick up the
phone and call Barbara,
Mom's 75th Birthday party a success, think we almost
gave her a heart attack.
Back is hurting, done too much.
Seem pictures of mother and thought, she is beautiful even though
she has it all behind her.
 I can get around and maybe one day I
will lose all this weight.
But I am hurting and want to get this weight off.
Terry and I planning a road trip for August.
Can I walk to the Grand cannon, can I hold up
to see the sights.
Will I hold him back.
Crying as I type this.....
Hurting as I type this.....
Lord give me the will power to lose 50 lbs.
Weight has ruled my life too long!

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