Saturday, April 05, 2014

Loving my body

I just read a article about loving your body.
My body is in a Constance battle with my mind.
Skinny people, no let me say instead people that
is not overweight, it is easier to love your body.
I use to love or like the way my freshly painted toes
look in the summer. Now I have a toe fungus.
Took the meds, still look bad.
So there is not one area I like must less love.
Lets start at the top and work my way down.
Hair, too thick, no curl, straight as can be.
Ears stick out-Doty Ears
Eyes- makes me mad I can't see as well as when younger
Nose-too big- hard to breath
Teeth-better now, got false ones on top a few years ago.
Neck- have the fat neck- flappy flappy like paw paw Wells had
Shoulders- none Purse falls of mine
Arms- wings
Lower arms- farmers tan
Breast- sag- hurt-pimples
waist-contains the first roll of many
belly- sagging-hairy-big
butt- biggest of all-more pimples
Back- hurt all the time
thighs- huge
knees-hurt-can't bend, get on my knees to look under anything.
area between my knee and foot. leg cramps-have had 3 shots to
feel better-some days okay-some hurts all day
feet-see above.
There it is in a nut shell........

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