Saturday, November 05, 2011

Our family, plays dirty Santa every year.
It has got expensive and boring.
So last year I drop the $ from $25 to 10
And be creative.
It was interesting.
Malik got $10 worth of quarters taped in duck tape.
So funny and can you imagine how long it took him to peel them off.
This year, June will host us and I hope she follows suit.
I have thought of a few things, and thought you might want to try something new.
1.Share your favorite items ( I like to read, chocolate and popcorn)
2. Share you Christmas goodies. ( I enjoy making sugared pecans)
3.I love this "Our Family does" sign. You could make it on a smaller scale and frame it!
4. You can create a needlepoint towel.
I think we all could Needlepoint HO! HO! HO!
5.How about something Recycled, like the Salt and Pepper shaker Snowmen. Recycled and Cute!
Just a few ideas, enjoy!

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