Thursday, May 19, 2011

Patterned after you 2

Mother's day Brunch

The Sunday before I ask all the men or children to bring a pic of MOM. But this was the week of the tornado's. I only got a few.
We decided to have the Brunch as scheduled because many of us still did not have power. And a hot, or warm, home cooked meal would be appreciated. As it turned out the power came back on at 9 p.m on Saturday.

I sat up 6 card tables, 4- 8 footers and put candle light on each. Because we thought we were going to eat with no electricity. Thank you Mr Power man, we had hot coffee.

It turned out, everyone needed to talk and tell of the events of the last few days. They needed to get it out. So it was like therapy.

This was alot of fun and everyone enjoyed a hot home cooked meal.

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