Thursday, May 26, 2011

Just for laughs

I use body powder.

I like the way it feels.

Seems Ky likes it too.

2 comments: said...

That reminds me of a time I babysat for my history teacher and her coach husband. I KNOW NOTHING OF BABIES, KIDS AND WHATEVER. It was 1971 and my mother was working that day.. Well naturally the baby had to poop. I thought this cant be too hard so I preceeded to change the baby. I turned my back and his sister had that cream in a tube for diaper rash all over her. She had squirted it out and had it from head to toe. I was at a loss of how to do the diaper and such so I just took him dirty diaper and all grabber her and walked about 5 blocks with him in the stroller and me holding on to her for dear life headed to the jewelry store where my mother was and ran in the door hollering HELP! She got the baby cleaned up and the little sister and gave me heck for being so stupid about kids. Hey I was just 17... never had changed a diaper or fed one. I KNEW NOTHING. Strange thing 40 years later I have only changed one diaper, gagged and threw up and dont know anything about how to feed them, take care of them and DONT WANT TO KNOW!!! LOL Your post reminded me of when I looked and Lisa Lang had diaper stuff from head to toe! I was never in my life so happy when her mother and daddy returned home from the football game. I almost got on my hands and knees and kissed their feet. I WAS NEVER SO GLAD TO SEE SOMEBODY IN MY LIFE! I RAN HOME..

jennifer said...

Oh shoot! That is the cutest picture!!