Sunday, February 13, 2011

The older I get the more I dislike certain things and tend to voice my opinion more often. This is certainly a warning that this can be a long post just to blow off steam.
. Here it goes.....when did this word become okay to say ......
I was taught it was not a nice way to ask someone to be quite. I am not saying I have never used this word, I have. But it was after my daughter had run over my last nerve and stomped it into the ground over and over. I am a mother, and I would bet the farm most mothers had stooped this low a time or two. But it is so common place.
I perceive this word as an angry word. But I have witnessed people say it without the anger.
So have we become so rude that we disregard other people within hear range. I would never tell anyone to shut up in public. I was not brought up that way.
I still feel it is a angry word.
And anger can never be good.
It brings people to do things that they never meant to do.
Please lets teach our children to be more kind and respectful of others and not say words we know are hurtful and not nice.


JennV said...

I'm with you Jerri! I've watched my own neice tell my SIL Shut up several times and saw her sit there and do nothing. And then give my Mom a nasty look for saying something to her about it. Drives me crazy! It seems that respect has fallen out of style in today's child rearing. Sad...

Marian Baker said...

Hmmmm... I need to hear the rest of the story... But I do hear "shut up" as if "what?? or something said in disbelief." said...

I personally do not think that is a bad word to say to a child.

Or even to your adult daughter.

Have you noticed Kids no matter what age run the house now and the parents do not have one say? I THANK GOD I DID NOT HAVE ANY CHILDREN..If I did I figure I would be in Julia Tutwiler right now and now on FB posting. said...

I meant in Julia Tutwiler and NOT here on Facebook posting.