Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I am a romantic!
I read all the trashy novels.
And I know how Terry is suppose to look into my eyes and hold me in his arms.
Problem is, he does not read the same books as I do.
But I still live in this fantasy world.
Don't get me wrong Terry is romantic in his own way.
The longer we are together,
it seems the simple things can be a turn on.
Recently, he cleaned our bathroom.
He took my car and put gas in it.
( I hate doing both of these things and he knows it)
So when I get a bud vase with 3 crappy looking old flowers that don't match for Valentines that looked like a left over at Winn Dixie, I am disappointed.
Now this is between you and me, and I ask you to keep it quite.
I would never tell him my feelings, at least he tried.
I smile and fuss over those ugly flowers.
But DD said , at least they don't have a flag in them this time.
Several years ago I got patriotic flowers for Valentines.
So I love my Valentine, he is my one and only.
I thank God each and everyday for him and what he has worked so hard to provide for our family.
But I think I will leave one of my books, on his bedside table.
It couldn't hurt.


Linda K said...

Ha, so when I said that cleaning the bathroom is an aphrodisiac, I was right! Linda

Anonymous said...

I didn't get flowers, crappy, patriotic, or otherwise. I guess I wasn't sweet enough this year.

He did hang shelves in the garage on Sunday but it's kind of hard to put a red bow on that and it didn't exactly make my heart go pitty-pat.

Romance? What's that? It certainly isn't present on our home. Love yes, romance NOOOOO.

I'm not signing my name to this comment but it's me - your displaced friend near the beach.

Marian Baker said...

well my sweet took me junking and out to eat ... all day Saturday. Then my favorite box of candy Monday (its gone!!!) I think I did ok!!

Marian Baker said...

I think I need to pinch that cute guy on the front of the book, pinch him on the buns!!