Friday, October 22, 2010

Crafting Friday
Need a bow for a package?
These are so cute and the cost is nothing.
I took half water and half paint and dyed these coffee filters and cupcake liners.
The Doilies fell apart, when they were put in the paint.
I hung them up to dry.
Waiting is not my strength, so this was hard.

I had dyed 6 coffee filters.
Folded 4 in half and half again and placed on a flat one.
Using a little tacky glue to attach.
Then added the smaller ones.
fluff them to get the look you want.
Think about the possibilities.
Add buttons as centers, or a ear ring like I did.
Add feathers or beads, maybe even some ribbon.

Make your next bow,
and while you are at it,
wrap the gift in a old pattern.
You can pick them up at Thrift stores for little of nothing.
Have a good Day!


jennifer said...

Jerri, I love the bow but I also like that you used an old McCall's pattern for wrapping paper. How clever! I see patterns at the thrift store or yard sales sometimes and I'm tempted to purchase them. I always wind up asking myself "What are you going to do with the thing anyway?" so I don't buy them. Well NOW I know what to do with them! I wish I had been buying them all along!

Have a wonderful weekend my friend.

jennifer said...

Oh! And I'm going to pick up coffee filters today. Bows and snowflakes :)

JennV said...