Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Climbing onto my Soap Box Again.
I live in a small town, like the ones you like to stop in while traveling.
Our down town as gone through many changes over the years. The Business Association has worked really hard to preserve the old town feeling and to keep the Mom and Pop Stores open.
But Walmart has run most of the little shops out of business.
We no longer have a fabric store
We no longer have many dress shops
We no longer have shoe stores
We no longer have sporting good stores,
a pet stores, a bakery's or a T.V shop.
The biggest reason is that Walmart has run these small stores out of town.
And now Today,
I heard Walmart is getting rid of the fabric department.
Okay, I am not a seam tress but many are ,and I have been known to purchase a few yards.
So once again Walmart has us by our &%$#'s
Not a smooth move.
If Sam was still alive, would he be happy.
He was a business man.
But he was a good, honest business man.
I have to think that the Sam I read about would be ashamed.

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