Monday, January 18, 2010

Answered Prayer
he came by the shop to warm himself.
On one of the coldest days we have
had in Alabama in a very long time.
I knew him and his wife had moved here after
their house fire to be close to a brother.
Both of them declining health and getting along in age.
It was hard, times are challenging for many.
Preparing for 4 long days of single digits
It was on every one's agenda for the day.
The regulator had gone out on the gas heat.
He had walked to the hardware store to see if he could get one.
No luck.
I had a electric heater in the shop, and gave him that.
I knew something else needed to be done.
I prayed, I read scripture.
I prayed more.
Hours had passed.
I tell my grandsons that God
answers prayer, but in his time, not ours.
But I needed this to happen sooner than later.
This family needed this to happen sooner than later.
I need to pray harder.
I got down on my knees and prayed for God to
send me someone, to show me what
needed to be done.
I prayed and prayed.
And the door bell sang .
And in walked a godly man, a man I knew he had sent.
It has been a long time since I have asked for instant answers to my prayers.
I guess I just assume God hears and answers.
This family had heat with in a few hours and my faith has strengthened.
God does answer prayers.

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